2021: The Year of “Selective” Trading

Play the video above to learn Raghee’s strategy that adapts to the psychology of the market and what’s ahead in 2021. This strategy is designed to give you time back during the trading day. 2020 has taught us how valuable time is, so don’t be a slave to the markets. Let the markets do the heavy lifting for you with this strategy.

During the webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Case Study: Raghee’s $965 profit per contract in SBUX
  • Why what you trade is more important than how you trade it
  • The 5 steps to trading only 5 hours a week
  • What tickers make up the best “pre-curated” watchlists
  • The specific market where most traders find a majority of their winners
  • Case Study: Raghee’s $830 profit per contract in SCHW