Who is Raghee Horner?

Raghee has been in the markets for nearly 35 years. She began charting her mutual fund progress on engineering graph paper at the age of 15. Once she noticed her money was growing while she was sleeping… she never looked back.

Raghee attributes her unconventional start to a bet with her mom. Her mom said she could get a part-time job in high school as long as she invested 25% of what she made. To her surprise, her mom’s requirement helped Raghee to understand the amazing tactile aspect of charting. That’s when she began to see the way price and behavior lined up. It opened her eyes to market discounts, news, and fundamentals.

Fast forward to today, she’s grateful she doesn’t have to chart by hand any longer. Raghee has dedicated the last 35 years of her professional life to understanding and utilizing the markets to turn her into the successful trader she is now.

Along with trading, she has a passion for communicating the message of the markets and teaching self-directed traders how to find choice, freedom, and an edge in the markets.

Raghee’s trading style was created by a system-inspired approach and a sequential process to building her trades. She’s most well-known for her specific tools (like her GRaB Candles, 34EMA Wave, Propulsion Dots, JT Multi Trend, Darvas 3.0 and her VWAP tools).  As a trend trader, identifying a dominant market trend is the first step. She uses three exponential moving averages and color-coded candles to visually identify the sentiment, momentum, and the trend. Her approach and her tools work in any asset class (futures, options, stocks, ETFs, currencies).

Her strategies, together with her indicators, allow any trader to approach the market more objectively, removing unsupported bias and emotions that can cloud judgment. Raghee utilizes fundamentals, technicals, and price action to deploy an objective, systematized strategy.

Trading futures, options on ETFs and stocks, and currencies across any time frame is Raghee’s area of expertise. If you’re looking for a foot in the door in any of these areas of trading, she’s the best there is.

Raghee’s Chart Setups

Raghee’s chart setup has everything she needs to effectively trade any asset class. She likes to keep it simple and easy. Check out the video below to learn about some of her basic indicators that she uses to begin her analysis:

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