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The Webinar Behind Market Money Math Whether or not you ACTUALLY like Math, you’ll love Raghee’s Market Math. During this webinar, she discusses the Math behind how her husband, a total trading beginner, DOUBLED a 10k account in less than 90 days. It’s based off of simpler 4th grade Math.

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Dow Theory Decoded

How a 140 year old market analysis is the key to successfully trading any market today. During this webinar, Raghee, takes the time to discuss Dow Theory. From the three phases of Down Theory, to how to use it in your trading game, to what tools pair best with it. Check out the full webinar…

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Submarket Sonar: Clarity

Many daytraders don’t know that the commonly-used, non-anchored VWAP indicators are based on the price and volume data of only the current session. Commonly non-anchored VWAP indicators are arbitrarily resetting at midnight. This technique makes directional bias less accurate. So how to fix that? Watch Raghee’s “Submarket Sonar” webinar below to learn a way to…

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