GRaB Candles Probably Aren’t What You Think

We hear the word “timeless,” and without much thought, we think we understand what that means. As with so many words, we hear them but don’t stop to digest what it really means. 

Today’s video perfectly explains what GRaB candles are, how she uses them, and how they still apply today in a market that is very different from three years ago.  

Raghee is known for her timeless tools. That means certain indicators are always the foundation of where she begins to look at a chart. Market conditions,, what’s on the news, the list goes on, and none of this changes how Raghee looks at a symbol and the indicators she has been relying on for decades of success.  

GRaB Candles will always be a big part of where you need to start, regardless of what’s happening around us.

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