Key Features & How to use Them

Part 1: How to Set Alerts in thinkorswim®

As traders, there are questions we will run into that have nothing to do with indicators, settings, strategies as when to enter a trade, targets, and stops. Those questions are often more about how to utilize our platforms. 

With so many features, it can quickly become overwhelming and an area of user error or not even knowing what features are available. 

Since we are in the summer months, which can often be quieter in the markets, I thought this would be an excellent time for some summer schooling. A chance to dive into the nuances of the ever-popular thinkorswim® (TOS) platform. 

Today, let’s discuss the one thing I believe every trader should know.

Check out today’s video to learn exactly how to set up alerts. 

By the way, keep an eye out for the next couple of weeks as I break down other features, how to use them and why they should be part of your trading routine.

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