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A Trader’s Most Common Question…

 It’s simpler than you think “I’m a futures trader, can I trade ETFs?” Here’s the quick answer… Absolutely! Now you might be thinking, “Okay, Ragh, great…” “…So how?” You can trade specific futures markets through ETFs. The first two that…

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How to make ETFs your edge!

Trading through bullish, bearish, chop…  We all know what ETF stands for – Exchange Traded fund – but what does that really mean? Until you grasp what symbols make up an ETF, not to mention how to trade them… You’re…

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Three Seasonal Tendencies: Part 2

Symbols I’m looking at for 2022 Let’s revisit our discussion from last week when we spoke about the seasonal tendencies of the Santa Rally, window dressing, and tax loss harvesting. If we know this is going to happen, how do…

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