Trading Relative Outperformers and XLV

Following Up On The S&P

In today’s video, we are going to follow up on our conversation from Monday. On Monday, we talked about what I am looking for this week in regards to the S&P, The Healthcare Sector (XLV), and the relative outperformers. 

When I say S&P, if you’re a fan of futures, and you’re looking at the ES futures, or if you prefer options; SPY, SPX, all of these are perfectly fine and our conversation is equally applicable. 

Why should you be looking at the futures contract? 

Well, the quick answer is that futures afford you a nearly 24-hour look at that market, as opposed to the very truncated nine-thirty to four. Check out today’s video where I will walk you through step by step of getting in and out of the trade and what we’re looking for next

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