What is the Top Tier Pro System?

Do you feel like algorithms are out to get you? Are your trades not following through the way you expected they would? You can’t figure out what is happening.

The landscape of the markets has changed, and we need to adapt. Technology, access to data, and the speed and quantity of what traders have access to has grown tremendously.

Top Tier Pro System is a collection of foundational tools that factor in all of the various aspects of how the terrain of retail trading has changed.

Welcome the next generation of the tools you need to stay current and turn your trading into a consistent uptrend. Let me show you each tool, what they look like, and most importantly, what they will do for you.

What's Up In The Markets?

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Free Downloads

34 EMA Wave, GRaB Candles & Darvas 2.0 Indicator Downloads

Identify trends, sentiment, momentum and key price levels with Raghee's free indicators.


Propulsion Dots Indicator Download

A dynamic indicator based on the comparison of 2 EMAs in the form of buy and sell dots.